Things Your Dog Does to Communicate

Body Language: Dogs use their entire body to communicate. They may crouch down with their tail between their legs when scared, raise their hackles when agitated 

Eye Contact: Dogs often use eye contact to convey messages. A soft, gentle gaze can indicate affection, while prolonged staring can be seen as a challenge or threat. 

Licking: Licking can be a sign of affection and a way to bond with their owners. Dogs may also lick to soothe themselves or to show submission. 

Tail Wagging: A wagging tail can signify a range of emotions, from happiness and excitement to nervousness or apprehension.  


Whining: Whining is often a sign of distress or a plea for attention. Dogs may whine when they are anxious, in pain, or want something, like food or a walk. 

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