This Floor Workout Melts 10 Pounds

 Bicycle crunches start with your back on the floor and your arms behind your head and hands behind your head.

  Bicycle Crunch

 Do bird dogs on your hands and knees. Your opposing arm and leg should be completely extended

 Bird Dogs

 From downward dog to cobra is a terrific core and full-body mobility practice. It can enhance aerobic fitness

  Cobra Flow

 The upper glutes of side-lying leg lifts shape your butt and burn stubborn fat. If the side plank is too hard,

  Leg Lifts

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 No floor workout is complete without a glute bridge. This workout is essential for lower back health,

 Floor Glute Bridge

 Pushups finish your floor fat-melting exercise. Pushups strengthen shoulders, burn calories


 Start pushups in plank position. Elbows bent, lower body to floor. Push through both hands to return to the beginning


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