Today's Horoscope: April 9, 2023


You're euphoric rather than merely happy. You're in the moment and aware that everything in life is working towards giving you a perfect experience while you're on earth. So, lovely, put prudence to the side and take the kinds of risks you've always been hesitant to take. 


This is a critical turning point in your professional life, Taurus. If you've been working hard to gain attention, have faith that your huge ambition will soon materialise. Those who have been working in the background will discover that they are now being recognised for their efforts.


This time in your life is all about working hard. You're maintaining your attractiveness, keeping yourself hydrated, and giving it your all without worrying about the results. 


Is that terrible news? It's possible or unlikely that your letter from Hogwarts will arrive soon. what is good news? To use your magic, you don't have to wait a lifetime.


But are you running after the bag, or is it running after you? This is the year to keep in mind that you are the expert in your field and that possibilities that are compatible with your soul's development will manifest in your life. 


You're so overly kind, Virgo. Your natural tendency is to provide without conditions. However, not everyone in your immediate vicinity is vibrating at the same pitch. Some people have no problem behaving entitled and taking advantage of others in ways that are difficult to describe. 


You have seen consistent development, Libra. For a while now, you've been going in the correct way. Think about what comes next and how you feel motivated to extend and develop. The powers of the universe are at work in you and through you.


You should love and be loved right now, Scorpio. a minute to widen your heart and appreciate the richness of the present. The problem? It's possible that the person you want doesn't communicate their feelings as often as you do, gorgeous.