Top 10 Barbie Nail Art Design 

Let's go all out with these Barbie nail decals and designs. That person who stated "less is more" is clearly insane.

As cute as a Barbie. An amount of Ken. And because drawing straight lines is so difficult, I'll throw in a small wave.

Pink is present. Then there's the color PINK. Yes, there is the Victoria's Secret PINK, but that's a different shade of pink altogether from the one we're discussing here.

Subtle, with just a touch of shimmer. We didn't have to be dull simply because we promised to be subtle.

This imaginative manicure brings Barbie to life, or at least the third dimension. Extra jewels are always a good thing.

You might as well give it your all if that's how you intend to play it. And while you're at it, avoid doing anything that could be considered delicate. 

You can hide the fact that your glittery fingernails cover a poorly drawn Ken from public view. We won't tell anyone about your secret.

Barbie taught us that sparkles are never enough. That high-arched feet are more comfy in heels.

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