Top 10 Dogs That Never Stop Looking Like Puppies

The Pomeranian is a popular Toy breed because he or she is little but plenty of energy. 

Melitaie as lapdogs, and that the breed was shown on ceramics and paintings

The Corgi is a popular breed of herding dog, despite its short stature. 

One of the most popular Toy breeds is the energetic Pomeranian. This breed produces a lovely and socialized pet.

"A stumpy favorite, the Corgi herds cattle. "They were masters even when their legs were longer,"

These Viking-era Spitz dogs are ancestors of the Corgi. Their puppy faces last a lifetime.

Pugs always look like puppies. "Since they have their face wrinkles from birth, you cannot really tell an 8-month-old from a 2-year-old,

a parent Shi Tzu can be carried and cuddled. "These dogs have a consistent facial structure."

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