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Top 10 Negative Impacts of Technology on Youth in Society

Technology addiction is the excessive or compulsive use of computer games, social media, texting, smartphones, or other technical activities.

Addiction to Using Technology

People can easily access information and communicate with others online, and many people have come to rely on technology rather than themselves.

People’s Dependency on Technology

Cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices can be major distractions technologies, often causing people to lose focus on what they’re doing.

Causes Distraction

Technology overuse can cause health problems like obesity, eye strain, carpal tunnel, and neck pain due to poor posture.

Causes Health Problems in People

Technology has negative impact on the environment. Manufacture and use of tech produce waste and pollution, contributing to global warming.

Negative Effectsof on the Environment

Technology can harm family relationships with distractions, conflicts, addiction, and children feeling ignored due to device usage.

Family & Relationship Problems Caused by Technology

Technology impacts society greatly, but it's also harming the environment through greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation.

Influence on Climate Change

Students spend less time studying and interacting due to technology. Skills like handwriting may decline. Devices can distract and be costly.

Negatively Effects on Education and Learning

Modern technology is changing warfare, from drones to AI. Atomic weapons pose a lethal threat to civilization.

Modern Technology is Architecting Warfare

People often spend too much time on their phones checking social media or playing games.This can take away from things like spend time with family/getting work done.

Wasting Time of the People