Top 8 Abdominal Exercises That Actually Work

This stationary workout works several muscular groups at once, helping you build a stronger core and a more shaped midsection by working your abs, back, and shoulders.

Burpees Although most individuals don't enjoy doing them, burpees are an excellent fat-burning workout. 

Russian Twists by a guy There's a good reason why this traditional ab workout is so popular: it does a great job of working your obliques, increasing your core stability, and toning your abdominal muscles.

 This traditional abdominal exercise can be done with no weight at all, or with a dumbbell, kettlebell, or plate held in one hand. 

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Hanging Leg Raises Shutterstock Leg rises in the hanging position target the lower abs, boost grip strength, and aid with the reduction of lower abdominal fat. 

Any exercise routine aimed at reducing belly fat should include bicycle crunches. This move works your upper and lower abs simultaneously, leading to a flatter stomach and stronger abs overall.

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