top 9 long distance relationship  tips 

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Although there are issues with long-distance relationships, things are not hopeless if two individuals are dedicated to make it work. Here are some tips.

For college students in long-distance relationships, it's important to ensure genuine commitment before wasting time. College years shouldn't be frittered away.

Long-distance relationships can be great, but ultimately you'll want to be together. Both partners need equal commitment and a plan to relocate.

Despite distance, fun together is possible. Use Skype to plan a movie night, watch the same movie in different places, and enjoy each other's company.

Enjoy the anticipation of being together by planning your next weekend. Make it a ritual to discuss the fun things you'll do and try new restaurants.

Frequent checking on your partner due to insecurity can strain your relationship. It may result in excessive calls and texts for the wrong reasons.

In long-distance relationships, timing is crucial. Schedule time to see each other and trust that the other person will stick to the plan to keep the relationship going.

Avoid doing anything on social media that you wouldn't want your partner to see. It can negatively impact the relationship and break trust.

Instead of merely making generalisations, it's crucial to provide your spouse with specifics.

Stay connected with each other through various technologies