Top Daily High-Protein Foods to Lose Gut

 "They are ideal for weight loss because they rank high on the satiety scale, which means they keep you full so you don't keep eating,"


 Preventing overeating helps keep body fat down and belly fat at bay, say The Nutrition Twins.


 Greek yogurt has more protein than normal yogurt. The Nutrition Twins say eating yogurt lowers body weigh

 Greek Yogurt

 "Yogurt also contains gut-healthy probiotics, which are linked to lower body fat, including abdominal fat."

 Greek Yogurt

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 Add pea protein powder to your smoothie for protein and fiber. This potent mix will keep you full,

 Pea protein powder

 Solid plant protein comes from sprouted tofu. It's also easy to make if you want to consume more plants.

  Sprouted tofu

 Salmon eaters shed more weight, had lower fasting insulin, and had less inflammation than other fish eaters.


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