Trainer Says Face Fat Loss Workout  

 Brady recommends facial workouts to improve blood circulation and facial muscle stimulation.

 Facial Exercises

 Start face workouts with chin lifts. To accomplish this maneuver correctly, "pull" your lower face and chin

 Lifting Chin

face and chin up while stretching your jaw. Chin lifts for 10–15 reps at least once.

Lifting Chin

 ou've probably created the fish face without understanding it's a great facial workout! Hold your cheeks for 25–30 seconds

 Fish Face

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 We need some cardio before weight training. Grab your jump rope and let's go! Jump rope for 40 seconds

 Jump Rope Interval

 Let's do strength training. To improve your form, start these workouts without weights, then add dumbbells

 Strength Training

 You'll stand tall with a dumbbell in each hand for reverse alternating lunges. Bring one knee to the ground and step back

 Lunges in reverse

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