Try This Nighttime Wind-Down Routine for Weight Loss  

Screens are ubiquitous, but viewing your favorite shows won't help you sleep. Screen use close to night might

 Turn off screens

 I advise avoiding devices, especially smartphones and tablets, two to three hours before bed.

Turn off screens

 Before night, replenish with self-care no matter what your day has brought. This might be a hot shower,

 Day-end self-care.

  Before bed, moisturise, floss, brush, and do other self-care tasks. Light your favorite scented candle and put on a face mask

Day-end self-care.

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 Wind-down weight reduction regimen before bedtime lady doing child's pose

 Do 15 minutes

 Belly breathing helps you relax before bed. Begin belly breaths on your back with your feet flat on the floor

 Child's posture

 To finish your weight loss night regimen, turn out all the lights in your bedroom. Turn off all displays

 Off all lights.

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