types of dogs that have attacked the most people

Plott hounds, named after the family of German immigrants who developed them, are the official state dog of North Carolina. Although the Plott has a strong drive to hunt, 

Louisiana-bred Catahoula Leopard dogs were utilized by settlers to catch and manage wild hogs and cows

Australian shepherds, one of the smartest breeds, need mental stimulation and daily exercise.

Golden retrievers are calm, lively, friendly, and easy to teach, making them ideal family pets.

Since the 18th century, Alps monks have bred Saint Bernards to rescue tourists in hazardous mountains near their monastery, saving almost 2,000 lives.

Malamutes, like Siberian Huskies, pull large sleds across frigid tundras and accompanied early Antarctic explorers. 

After "bull-baiting" was outlawed in 1835, breeders began turning bulldogs into companions. Bulldogs love kids and have mellowed out. 

The German shepherd is more popular in America, yet the Malinois is the world's best police dog. 

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