Unique and Adorable Cat Varieties You Have to See to Believe

"American Bobtails are loving and incredibly intelligent cats possessing a distinctive wild appearance,"

Nikki Horner, a breeder from Kentucky, was motivated to develop this black beauty by the Indian black leopard in the 1950s.

Taurus  Due to Jupiter's influence, single Taureans will be more receptive to dating and meeting new people while this planet is in their sign.

 The beautiful Ocicat was born from a cross between an Abyssinian and a Siamese. 

 Japanese Bobtail was instrumental in rescuing Japan's silk industry in the seventeenth century

One of our oldest breeds is the Egyptian Mau. 

The American Wirehair cat is extremely rare because of a genetic mutation that occurs naturally in just a small percentage of the breed.

It's extremely unusual to find a cat with curling, dense fur. It's important to note that "the 'Rex' is from the rabbit fancy, where it denotes a curly-coated rabbit,

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