Unknown Rare Dog Breeds  

 Since 1909, the English Foxhound has symbolized hunting excellence. This faithful breed is stronge

 English Foxhound

 The Norwegian Lundehund is a master puffin hunter from Norway's remote islands.

 Norwegian Lundehund

 They are adept climbers on high terrain with six toes on each foot.

Norwegian Lundehund

 The compact yet sturdy Polish Lowland Sheepdog represents Poland's rich canine heritage. T

 Vigilant Protector

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 The PON, short for Polski Owczarek Nizinny, are admired for their attentiveness and flexibility.


 The Skye Terrier, from Scotland's Isle of Skye, is graceful and active. Originally developed to catch foxes

 Skye Terrier

 The Ibizan Hound's tall skull and large ears inspire ancient Egyptian art. They're Balearic Island

 The Ancient Watcher

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