Walking to Lose Weight? Follow This Daily Routine 

 The key to any routine's success is enjoyment. More enjoyable activities are more likely to be repeated.

 pleasurable activity.

 "One method to inspire you to get outdoors and go for your daily stroll is to match it with another fun activity you c

pleasurable activity.

 Even the most devoted stride fan might become bored walking the same route at the same speed day after day.

 Adjust walking duration

 To lose weight as you grow fitter, you must increase your walking volume and intensity.

  Increase your steps

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 If you don't walk more, your metabolism adapts to your schedule and plateaus.

 Increase your steps

 "Adding hills or inclines to your walks can enhance muscle activation and cardiovascular activity,

  Include slopes or inclines.

 Your walking habit demands preparation and a backup plan for unanticipated events that prohibit you from going outside. "

 Maintain consistency

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