Walmart Closes Self-Checkout for Unsurprising Reason

Walmart, the world's largest big-box retailer, has long plagued with theft, but it appears to be growing worse.

Walmart has found that customers stealing at self-checkout stations are a major source of the theft spike. Thus, Walmart has discontinued self-checkouts in some stores, including Ontario, Canada.

Walmart said a few years back that it would add self-checkout counters worldwide.

Walmart Self-Checkout

The notion was that self-checkout would eliminate lane lineups and reduce staffing. However, the self-checkout zones are now being converted into regular checkout lanes with employees.

Walmart shoplifting has escalated in recent years. The corporation earned $559 billion in 2021, yet it claimed to have lost $5 billion due to theft.

Walmart Thefts $5 Billion in 2021

Walmart is stopping self-checkout counters worldwide and adding security to address this issue.

Walmart Thefts $5 Billion in 2021

Walmart shoppers are divided on the self-checkout ban. Some are sad that self-checkout is no longer available because it is faster and more convenient.

What Do Walmart Customers Think?

Some prefer associate-managed checkouts. These customers believe it's not their "job" to run their things and prefer full-service stations with human checkout.

What Do Walmart Customers Think?

Walmart announced a checkout system revamp in 2020. Without checkout lines, the system would be self-checkout with staff assistance.

How Will Walmart's Checkout Services Change?

Though this idea may not be implemented in some regions and Walmart will return to the regular checkout lines employed for decades.

How Will Walmart's Checkout Services Change?

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