Ways to Strong Bond with Your Dog

Teach Tricks Dog training strengthens your bond. Training, whether simple or complex, exercises your dog's brain. As he learns those tricks and you praise him and give him Dog Treats

Workout Together Exercise benefits you and your dog and brings you closer. Walking or running with your dog is a pleasant way to bond and explore new sights and smells.

Make a Routine Creating routines for many behaviors might help you shape your dog's habits. Regular feeding, toilet, and other habits can help your dog trust you and their environment. 

Have Fun Your dog enjoys playing alone and with you. Playing with your dog strengthens your bond. Bristol University found that active play reduces problem behaviors.

By Brushing Grooming your dog may maintain its coat and bring you closer. Your dog may be hesitant at first, but with careful coaxing and affection

Hand-Feed Your Dog Sometimes Hand-feeding your dog treats many times a week is another method to bond. Eating out of your hand makes your dog focus on you and your commands. 

Purposeful Pet When petting your dog, make sure he knows you're paying attention. A few absentminded head massages are wonderful,

Cuddle Up It's good to exercise with your dog, but it's also pleasant to rest. Physical touch may generate a sense of safety and comfort that allows your dog know he's a true part of your pack

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