Weight Loss Foods After a Workout

 Eggs are a convenient recovery food with protein and other minerals. Eggs may be consumed in many ways,


 Another handy protein source, shakes bundle critical nutrients into one package. Because they contain

  Protein Shake

 Canned or pouched tuna is a good source of protein and omega-3 fats, but not if you're going to work

  Canned Tuna

 Choose whole-grain bread for fiber and protein. Fiber in your recovery meal keeps you satiated longer after an exercise.

 Nut Butter Sandwich

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 Two protein-rich meals, one of which includes whey protein, make a great recovery snack that may help

 Meat and Cheese

 Trail mix has a good combination of nutrients for weight reduction and recuperation

 Trail Mix

 This choice, like a protein smoothie, contains all your recovery needs. However, with so many varietie

  Protein Bar

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