Weight Loss-Killing Habits

 When you devote 100% to weight reduction, not seeing results after a few weeks might be discouraging.


 Healthy meals are no exception—too much is never good! Portion control is important

 Overeating healthy snacks

 The next behavior on our list of seven that undermine weight loss is not getting enough rest.

 Feeling jittery during sleep

 Sipping wine while binge-watching reality TV is pleasant, but alcohol might derail your fitness goals

 Drinking alcohol

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 To lose weight, aim for a 500-calorie deficit everyday. When you're making progress, this calorie

 Calorie restriction

 H2O is essential for weight reduction. Young argues that dehydration can cause weight gain for several reasons.

 Insufficient H2O intake

 Last but not least on this list of worst weight loss habits? Overeating out or ordering takeaway.

 Excessive dining

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