Weight Loss With Floor Exercises

Heather Perren, Senior Master Trainer for Lagree Fitness and co-founder of Lagreeing at Home, about effective floor exercises and how they might stimulate weight reduction.

lady planning workouts to lose weight Weight-loss tips? Perren advises, "I always recommend my clients schedule their home workouts in their calendar and then set a reminder on their phones." 

Glute-sculpting split squat walking lunges with dumbbells This workout is the best approach to boost your heart rate and leg muscles. It's a lunge-squat hybrid.

Bicycle Crunches This floor workout will work your core, obliques, and heart. If this activity is too severe with straight legs, bend your knees and execute classic bicycle

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Start on your back with your legs at 90 degrees. "Bring your hands lightly behind your ears and keep your elbows out wide," Perren advises. "

 Knee Bend Side Plank This exercise stabilizes shoulders and obliques. Instead of planking, you can stay on your knees.

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