What is the best exercise for weight loss?

Any planned, systematic, repetitive activity that pushes your body harder than normal is exercise. Team sports, jogging, running, and dancing enhance your heart rate, engage your muscles, and improve your fitness.

Unfortunately, research show that exercise alone can only help people lose 2kg. Double the suggested minutes and work out with a calorie-restricted diet to shed more. Exercise helps prevent weight regain, promotes heart health, and boosts fitness.


Regular aerobic activity burns more calories and may help you lose weight, especially belly fat. Aerobic exercise improves heart, lung, and circulation by increasing endurance, breathing, and heart rate.


Brisk walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, tennis, and cycling are examples.

Resistance or strength training

This weightlifting workout preserves and strengthens muscle. Using your own body weight, like a push up, or a resistance band will work just as well as lifting weights at a gym.

Resistance or strength training

Strength training builds strong muscle, which burns calories even at rest since it is metabolically active. Preserving and growing muscle while decreasing fat keeps your metabolism going.

HIIT training

This popular exercise mixes aerobic and weight training with short bursts of intense exertion followed by a brief break. It takes 10-20 minutes, but this vigorous movement can help improve body composition. 

Which weight reduction workout regimen works best?

We should all strive for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity each week and two resistance training sessions to be healthy. If you're limited on time, combine resistance training with HIIT to keep muscle mass. This weekly objective may be broken down into 20-30 minute daily sessions.

Which weight reduction workout regimen works best?

Studies indicate 225-420 minutes per week to lose weight, dropping to 200-300 minutes to maintain it. Take shorter sessions, equally spread out during the week, and combine aerobic exercise with at least two weight training sessions.

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