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What To Do When You're Feeling Overworked

Set workplace boundaries for better work-life balance. Don't check emails after work, delegate tasks before vacation, and recharge.

Set boundaries

Communicate with your manager if you feel overburdened. Work together to figure out a plan to reduce your workload.

Communicate with your manager

Create a priority list and focus on one task at a time to stay organized and productive.

Complete one task at a time

Break up long tasks into segments. Take breaks, work on easier tasks in between.

Incorporate easier tasks into your workflow

Establish a support system at work by bonding with coworkers. It helps cope with overwork and encourages employers to make positive changes.

Make meaningful connections

Use your paid time off to recharge after a busy season, including a mental health day to reduce stress.

Use your paid time off

Reduce stress by exercising, finding hobbies, meditating, taking breaks. Focus on breathing, clear mind, walk.

Practice relaxation techniques

Consider a new workplace with better work-life balance. Research the company culture and workload before accepting a job offer.

Decide if you should find a new job