What You're Eating Might Be Stopping Your Weight Loss Efforts

Dressings for salads Because they may be loaded with nutrient-dense, low-calorie components, salads are fertile ground for weight reduction.

Cereal for Breakfast Even though they are marketed as "healthy," most morning cereals are really rather rich in sugar and low in fiber.

Plain Pasta Many people rely on white spaghetti as a basic food, but eating too much of it might make it hard to lose weight. 

Pureed Fruit Fruit juices could be preferable to soda because of their purported health benefits, but they actually contain more sugar and calories. 

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Slimming Eats Although low-fat meals are promoted as a weight-loss aid, scientific data does not support these claims. 

Protein and Fiber Bar Many snack bars, despite claims to the contrary, are low in fiber. Added sugar and other fillers may often be spotted in the ingredients list.

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