What's better, lifting heavy weights or performing more repetitions

Men who want to gain muscle mass or refine their physique typically turn to resistance training, but there has been much discussion over the optimal approach. 

 There are those who preach the glories of powerlifting with big weights and a low number of reps, while others sing the praises of powerlifting with smaller weights and a high number of reps.

A recent research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine appears to settle the debate over the most effective approach to weight training.

More than 5,000 people were included in the analysis of data from 192 studies conducted by researchers at McMaster University in Canada. 

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The solution isn't as simple as some may hope. The most important thing to remember is that strength training of any kind will yield positive results if done regularly. 

Reduce the weight and increase the number of repetitions if you want to gain muscle mass. And if you want to bulk up, lift greater loads for fewer repetitions. 

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