Which Barbie figure represents your Zodiac sign?

Since Aries are naturally driven to contention, they would do well to play the role of Lawyer Barbie in the Barbie universe.

Judge Barbie, a Supreme Court Justice who personifies the tenacity and reliability of a Taurus, is another major authority figure in Barbie Land.

He may only be Ken, but he plays a crucial role nonetheless. Ken is friendly and funny because he is a Gemini.

Margot Robbie's portrayal of the stereotypical Barbie has many of the greatest traits of a Cancer.

Leos are born leaders, just like Issa Rae's version of President Barbie in the Barbie universe.

Hari Nef's portrayal of Doctor Barbie, an essential job, is a perfect metaphor for the Virgo character trait of being meticulous and practical.

Since Libras are known for their diplomatic nature, it only seems sense that they be represented by Diplomat Barbie.

Scorpios, like the human Sasha, can be cold and distant on the outside yet fiercely devoted on the inside.

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