Which Zodiac Pet Are You?

Ferrets would be Aries. Aries and ferrets are daring, ambitious, and happy. They run, tumble, and skid around, easily bored. 

They're entertaining but nip when angry.

Tortoises would be Taurus. Taurus, like a tortoise, is stubborn and moves slowly. They're easy to care for, peaceful, and kind.

Parrots would be Geminis. Parrots are like Gemini—playful and smart. They're smart and interested. Parrots are talkative

yet they might say things you don't want people to hear.Miniature pigs would be Cancer.

Pigs love family like Cancer. Cancer's emotions most resemble pigs'. When joyful or upset, they squeal or grunt differently and weep or zoom around.

Guinea pigs would be Leos. Guinea pigs are playful, gregarious, and expressive like Leo. Guinea pigs need attention and love.Dogs are Virgos. 

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