Which Zodiac Signs Choose to Be Single?

1) Gemini Gemini is too volatile for love. Geminis struggle in long-term partnerships, as most know. They want connection, but casual relationships are simpler to handle. 


Since this sign switches from hot to cold quickly, they only like starting a relationship if they're sure it will work.

Sagittarius Sagittarius  desires independence. Sagittarius will commit if they think they've found "The One." When single, this laid-back zodiac is wary of clingy or overly interested partners. 


They secretly seek relationships, but only with people who share their interests and hobbies.


3) Aquarius Aquarius partners are demanding. Aquarius thrives on independence. They are some of the most sensitive and kind individuals, yet they require quiet time to think.


They require someone who understands and shares their worldview, which is difficult.

4) Pisces Pisces is hesitant to love. Pisces need attention to be respected, unlike the other signs on this list. They love and commit, yet they're easily overwhelmed.


Pisces frequently try to get out of relationships by believing they don't deserve a nice spouse or blowing up a tiny statement into a large criticism.

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Virgo Love-picky Virgo Unlike Pisces, Virgo suffers because they criticize others more than themselves. Virgos want the ideal relationship when they meet a mate, yet living as a pair is never easy. 


Virgo only accepts perfection. They'd rather wait forever for "The Perfect Partner."