Why Each Zodiac Sign Feels Stuck

You feel stuck because you are at a fork in the road and are unsure of which path is best for you, but you don't have to make a decision right away; you may take your time.

8. Aries

You feel trapped because you feel like you are experiencing the same same day over and over again without diversity in your life because it has become too predictable.

7. Taurus

You feel stuck because you have to cope with rejection and failure all the time, but these lessons can help you advance since they provide you the chance to learn and develop.

6. Gemini

You feel trapped because you're averse to change and purposefully put off making the adjustments that you know would be beneficial to you in the long term.

5. Cancer

You feel stuck because it appears that no matter how hard you attempt to advance, you are remaining stationary.

4. Leo

You feel stuck because the progress you've been making is too small to perceive, but whether it is apparent to you or not, progress is still being made.

3. Virgo

You feel stuck since it seems like everyone else is competent but you, yet that impression is unfounded, and the most of them are likely privately in the same situation.

2. Libra

You feel stuck because there isn’t anything specific that you’re looking forward to right now 

1. Scorpio