Why It’s Important To Know Your Mercury Sign

8. Aries

Mercury in Aries: Although you are very honest, you occasionally slip up. You'll probably start conflicts with individuals and frequently interrupt talks to make your point.

7. Taurus

Mercury in Taurus – You have a tendency to value deeds over words. You'll overcommit to something, giving it your all-out effort.

6. Gemini

You are a natural speaker with a never-ending curiosity in the world, according to Mercury in Gemini.

5. Cancer

Mercury in Cancer: You are probably a recluse. You enjoy sitting and watching and listening in silence.

Leo: Mercury in — You are a person who is shamelessly and authentically you. You receive exactly what you see! Despite being a showoff, some people adore you for it.

4. Leo

Mercury's sign is Virgo. You have an excellent attention to detail. You are a quick thinker and an effective problem solver.

3. Virgo

Mercury in Libra — You keep the peace. Before choosing, you weigh all of your possibilities, but even then, you wouldn't be certain of it because you don't want to anger anyone.

2. Libra

You're intense and fixated. If it's the last thing you do, you'll figure something out. You are perceptive and intelligent

1. Scorpio