Why You Can't Lose Weight

 Discussing weight, concerns, and weight reduction goals with your doctor is the first step.

 medical problem.

 "Time-restricted eating (only eating within a specific time window) can help some people lose weight,

  Intermittent fasting.

 Choosing vegetable chips, fresh fruit, or pretzels for snacks and avoiding unhealthy pastries, chips, and candies

 unsatisfying snacks.

 Plant-based diets have many health benefits, but The Nutrition Twins warn that turning vegan without a plan

  clear strategy.

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 "We see this a lot—people with the best intentions to be healthier try to include more vegetables at meals,

 Veggies hinder

 You may think all carbohydrates are detrimental for weight reduction. Quite the contrary! Choosing healthy


 Doctor Bohl says several drugs might induce weight gain, thus your weight may be caused by one.


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