Winter Weight Loss Fun Without Trying  

 You may stay fit with your partner, kids, grandkids, or alone by doing many unexpected things.

 fighting snowballs outside

 Skiing is a "proprioceptive" exercise that engages the whole body, according to the University of New Hampshire.

 Celebrity Trainer Reveals

 Why waste time on an elliptical or treadmill in the gym when you can go outside with friends in nature

 fit pair mountain snowshoeing

 Shoveling snow sounds exhausting. But spending time outdoors with the family and some pleasant music might save you money!

 aerobic workout.

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 Get ice skates for a fun, invigorating, and romantic wintertime experience! Ice skating works most of your major

 Ice skating burns

 abs, according to New England Baptist Hospital. It improves stability and balance without straining joints.

 Ice skating burns

 The sport is anaerobic due to short intensity sessions. It also relieves tension! Ice skating burns 419 calories

Ice skating burns

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