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Worst country in Europe for British expats named as ‘clean' but unfriendly destination


Welcome to our web story highlighting the worst countries in Europe for expats.


High cost of living, language barriers, and economic instability make Greece a challenging destination for expatriates.


Limited job opportunities, complex bureaucracy, and a slow-paced lifestyle can be frustrating for expats in Italy.


Hungary's language difficulty, cultural differences, and inadequate healthcare system pose challenges to expatriates.


Expats in Poland may face difficulties with the language, extreme weather conditions, and limited social integration.

Czech Republic

While beautiful, the Czech Republic can be challenging for expats due to language barriers and difficulties finding jobs.


Political instability, safety concerns, and cultural differences make Turkey a less favorable choice for expatriates.


Limited job opportunities, low wages, and subpar healthcare make Romania one of the worst European countries for expats.


Expats in Russia may encounter challenges with bureaucracy, language barriers, and cultural differences.


Political instability, safety concerns, and economic struggles make Ukraine a difficult place for expats to settle.

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