Your weight loss efforts may benefit from a second daily routine

I feel like I have always been trying to lose weight. My emotional eating was always triggered by something, so I quickly went back to my old habits of bingeing on cheeseburgers and ice cream.

My weight fluctuates seldom, but when I found myself 30 pounds higher than usual, I realized I had to do something.

I was gauging my weight here. Daily, first thing in the morning, before caffeine or distractions from the day's agenda might compromise my productivity.

I avoided the scale by making up reasons not to use it. After work, I ate a huge meal. 

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Skin Ulcers Caused by Yeast Infections. They're Real, the Doc SaysAlthough stepping onto the scale first thing in the morning isn't my favorite, it does help me make more healthy decisions throughout the day.

In the past, I've allowed the numbers on the scale determine how I felt and how I acted for the day.

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