Your Zodiac Sign Explains Why You Avoid Love

Aries You reject love because you're impatient to play.Know what's going on between you and someone else immediately

Taurus You reject love because you can't compromise. Tauruses are stubborn. This is your way or the highway. Instead of considering your partner's perspective

Gemini You always break up when things get serious. You're sure there's someone better out there, therefore you can't commit


Cancer Cancer, you are so self-critical that you think your defects make you unlovable. Your love is only worth it when you're perfect. 

Leo Leos realize their worth. Do not settle for someone who doesn't deserve you and you could do better. You're quite choosy about dating. 

Libra Libra, you've been injured often. Because of this, you've taken great efforts to never feel that way again. You're never vulnerable. You always reject dates and advances. 

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