You've Probably Mispronounced These Dog Breeds 

However, some of the most popular dog breeds are from other nations, and while our favorite German dog breeds are gorgeous, dachshund is difficult to pronounce. 

So, practice your pronunciation before mispronouncing the Italian dog breed at the doctor, your neighbor's hairless dog, or your friend's enormous fluffy dog. 

Here are 12 hard-to-pronounce dog breeds, their pronunciation, and fascinating tidbits.  

Since "wiener dog" is here to stay, utilize such nicknames if all else fails. 

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This charming short-legged German dog breed is called a wiener dog or doxie.  

Short legs and long bodies were utilized to dig and burrow down badger holes to hunt badgers and other small animals.  

Today, they're more inclined to snuggle under covers. 

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