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Zodiac Sign: How To Lose Weight

Aquarius needs more than weight loss, seeks fun, challenge, and stimulation. Dance classes aid weight loss while providing all three.


Virgos thrive on routine for weight loss success. Consistency with healthy daily habits will lead to shedding kilos.


Scorpio needs intense workouts to lose weight. Try strength training, kickboxing or anything dramatic to get pumped up.


Gemini's love being on the go. Running is a great way to stay active and boost mood. You could be one of the few who commits to it.


Capricorns lose weight responsibly with a practical diet and workout plan. Start by cutting junk food and opting for organic food.


Aries can start a weight loss journey but struggle to continue. A buddy can help with accountability, support and competition.


Libras need to take small steps in weight loss. Drastic changes in diet or exercise will lead to a setback.


Taurus loves rich foods, making weight loss difficult. Attract yourself to a luxurious gym with modern amenities for motivation.


Sagittarius must enjoy their workout to stick to their plan. Find an activity you like that aids weight loss for success.


Leos enjoy social activities for weight loss. Get them involved in team sports like basketball to shed pounds while having fun.


Cancer's weight loss success is in the kitchen. Create a healthy meal plan and explore nutritious, low-calorie recipes for you and your family.


Pisces prioritize mental health over physical. Hot yoga is ideal for both body and soul, aiding weight loss.