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 Zodiac sign: What Fast-Food Chain Are You?

Aquarius is torn between disruptive Uranus and stalwart Saturn. Chick-Fil-A serves antibiotic-free chicken but supports homophobic views.


Subway was started by an overachieving teen and is the most common fast food chain, like the detail-oriented Virgo.


Burger King's "Whopper Freakout" tested loyalty by pretending to discontinue their best seller. Scorpio's love for extremes was also seen in Halloween Whopper, causing green excrement.


Domino's Twitter is run by a Gemini, evidenced by quick wit, shade, and self-deprecation. Gemini prizes variety, reflected in Domino's 34M pizza combos. Founded by twin brothers from Ypsi, MI.


Capricorns love feeling superior and Starbucks caters to this with fancy Italian drink orders. Howard Schultz's bad daddy vibes evoke Cap's father archetype.


Aries and Arby's share a lack of subtlety - ruled by Mars and the head, respectively. Arby's color scheme and wild game offerings evoke guts and glory.


Libras curate a vibe, reflected in Chipotle's chic interiors and custom playlists by Studio Orca. No Radiohead due to pork sourcing standards.


Taurus pretends to be healthy, but indulges in gluttonous pleasures like Pizza Hut, incorporating chicken nuggets and hot dogs into crusts.


Sagittarius and Taco Bell share a love for living life to the fullest. The chain is known for pushing boundaries, like turning Doritos into taco shells


Leo rules creativity and play, exemplified by McDonald's as the largest toy distributor and pioneer of children's playgrounds.


Wendy's was started by Cancer King Dave Thomas, offering "old fashioned hamburgers" that appeal to Cancer's nostalgia for the past.


Panera Bread is the embodiment of Pisces energy with their dreamy and generous ethos. They serve only full loaves of bread, play classical music, give free Wifi, and donate unsold items to nonprofits.