Zodiac Signs Who Always Feel Insecure

 Due to their powerful emotions and ambition, fiery and ambitious Aries sometimes feel like they're walking on eggshells


 Taurus, the practical sign, may appear calm, yet they suffer with instability inside. T


 The adaptable and expressive Gemini feels like they're walking on eggshells owing to their ever-changing emotions


 Cancers are sensitive and protective, with strong emotional bonds. Because they soak up people' emotions, they often feel like


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 The analytical and detail-oriented Virgo craves order and perfection. They have high standards for themselves


 Balanced and harmonious Libra seeks justice and equilibrium in all facets of life. They are natural peacekeepers who seek balance


 Scorpio, the fiery and passionate sign, fears vulnerability and walks on eggshells. They carefully defend their feelings


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